Need a bra fitting but have no time? Look no further because our girls Katie and Charlotte have your back! 

Hold your horses though, we sat down with Charlotte to discuss all things bras and to get to know her a bit more..

1. Introduce yourself! Tell us 3 things that sum you up.

I live and breathe lingerie, I am a crazy cat lady and I have a quirky personality

Curvy Kate's new Virtual Bra Fitter...say hey to Charlotte!

2. So, now we have a bit of background on you, how did you get where you are today in the world of BOOBS?

I studied the contour course at De Montfort University, during which I started working as a bra fitter for various high street brands. I also did a placement year where I worked on product development at an intimates consultancy company. During the pandemic I started virtually fitting for a start up company which I really enjoyed but also missed working with fuller bust clients. So, I jumped at the chance to join the team and am now a Curvy Kate girl!

Curvy Kate's new Virtual Bra Fitter...say hey to Charlotte!

3. Here at Curvy Kate, making women feel fabulous in their lingerie and comfortable in their own skin, is at the heart of everything we do. What do you love about bras ‘n’ boobs?

Bras are powerful things. I love that the right bra can change the way someone feels about themselves, I love to see the smile that appears then we find that perfect bra for them. Bras don’t have to be worn to be seen but the wearer still feels the confidence that they provide, like a suit of armour empowering them to face any challenge that may come their way.

4. When you’ve not got your hands full of boobs and bras, what do you like to do?

I like to spend time with my cats and go to local art/music events

Curvy Kate's new Virtual Bra Fitter...say hey to Charlotte!

5. Only 20% of women are wearing the right bra size. What are your top tips for people who might not be wearing the correct size, yet?

First off, book in a fitting with me! If your bra is feeling uncomfortable it usually means that you could do with a size adjustment, we want to get you to the point where you don’t really notice that you are wearing one. Secondly, you can do the Curvy Kate fit quiz if you would prefer not to have a fitting. Thirdly, check out Katie’s (the bra whisperer) and my Instagram for tips on what to look for in a great fitting bra.

6. What is the most common problem you get when people come to you about bra fitting and what advice do you offer?

That the wires dig in at the underarm. People don’t always realise that breast tissue goes quite far back to the underarm, so the wires are sometimes sitting on the breast tissue at the side which is very uncomfortable. The way to resolve it is to go up a cup size so that the wires in the bra are wider and then each time you put it on lean forward and do a bit of a shimmy, scoop the breast tissue with your hand to the front of the cup. You’ll be surprised by how much more you will fill a cup after doing this.

7. Name a celebrity you wish you could bra fit?

Rihanna because I would just like to meet her, great bragging rights.

8. Balcony or plunge?

Curvy Kate's new Virtual Bra Fitter...say hey to Charlotte!

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Balcony for every day, plunge if I’m going out out.

Curvy Kate's new Virtual Bra Fitter...say hey to Charlotte!

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9. Thong, Brazilian or brief?

Brief, I like to be super comfortable.

Curvy Kate's new Virtual Bra Fitter...say hey to Charlotte!

Sheer Chic is THE Valentines set...wink wink ;)

10. Lastly, what is your favourite positive mantra that keeps you motivated?

My friend likes you say “Girl, you got this” whenever I’m panicking about something and then I will repeat it to myself over and over.

 Book in with Charlotte here or take our bra fit quiz here!

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