Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here at Curvy Kate, we’re all about making women feel fabulous in our lingerie. We’re also passionate about ensuring all of our customers have the perfect fit to enable maximum comfort, security and style to make you all feel AMAZING in your own skin.

That’s why we want to highlight the significance of Breast Cancer Awareness month in collaboration with Coppafeel, who’s vision is to make sure everyone has the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.  

We want to urge all of our customers to ensure they regularly check their breasts and empower everyone around them to do the same. It could be when you're showering, when you're doing our famous scoop and swoop, when you're getting dressed, any time!  

What's more, all of our bras feature a Coppafeel label to remind you to check each time you put your favourite Curvy Kate bra on.      


 So yes, that means;
  • Encouraging you to regularly checking your breasts for any abnormalities
  • Raising awareness on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer
  • EMPOWERING you to seek medical help if any symptoms persist

So, how do I check my breasts, you ask?

All you need are your hands and your boobs.


  1. Look at your boobs.
  2. Look at the area from your armpit, across and beneath your boobs, and up to your collarbone. (Be aware of any changes in size, outline or shape and changes in skin such as puckering or dimpling.)


  1. Feel each of your boobs.
  2. Feel the area from your armpit, across and beneath your boobs, and up to your collarbone.


  1. Look at each of your nipples. (Be aware of any nipple discharge that's not milky, any bleeding from the nipple, any rash or crusting on or around your nipple area that doesn't heal easily, and any change in the position of your nipple.)

What do I look out for?

Boob trainers?!: Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Coppafeel

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Boob trainers?!: Breast Cancer Awareness Month with CoppafeelBoob trainers?!: Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Coppafeel

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