Curvy Kate's Swimwear Confidence campaign featured boob twins Bami & Monica who are both a 32G cup size.

Our Swimwear Confidence babes tell us their must haves from our latest swimwear collections and talk all things cup-sized swimwear, boobs and confidence!

Cup sized swimwear

We asked Monica and Bami about their favourite Curvy Kate Swimwear collection.

Monica loves the Wrapsody Bikini!

"Oh it's a hard one, I am torn between the Wrapsody and Pool Party both are absolutely amazing and I feel incredible in it!"
Cup sized swimwear

Bami's favourite is Pool Party

"Pool Party collection is my fave because it's just so fun and vibrant with amazing colours for literally any pool party!"

Swimwear for bigger busts

How does it feel to wear cup size swimwear?

Monica: “Soooo good! Loved having great support and amazing cleavage, when wearing swimwear.”
Bami: “It feels different for me but I feel so much more secure and confident because usually my bikinis are covering like half my breast (sorry mum!)”

Cup sized swimwear

What was your favourite moment from the photoshoot?

Monica: “The entire day was magic and full of such great energy and positivity. I loved watching women of different sizes, shapes and colours literally EMBRACING and CELEBRAITING their bodies, with no hesitations and flaunting it!"
Bami: "When we all started dancing electric slide to Candy by Cameo just felt like a real sisterhood moment even though we all only just met that day!"

Cup sized swimwear

Any advice for ladies who feel nervous heading to the beach or pool in their swimwear this summer?

Monica: "Find a piece that enhances your best features - and just put it on! Don't try to hide or cover up as it will only draw more attention...and remember confidence is far sexier than a perfect body!"
Bami: “Girl you better wear that swimwear with pride! Life is way too short to care what other people think just go for it you wont regret it trust me”

Cup sized swimwear

How did it feel to meet your boob twin?

Monica: “Amazing! She was bigger than life and amazing energy!”
Bami: “So cool I wouldn't have imagined we were boob twins by just looking at us together!”

Cup sized swimwear

If you could give your teenage self some body positive advice, what would it be?

Monica: “DON'T buy fashion magazines, surround yourself by women of all shapes and sizes, DON'T let your body shape hold you down. You are unique as you are!”
Bami: “Girl you are BEYOND beautiful so just let that sink in and stop being so worried about what society tells you is beautiful"

Cup sized swimwear

Quick-fire round!

City break or beach?

Monica: Beach!

Cocktail or Fanta Limon by the pool?

Monica: Cocktails
Bami: Cocktail with a cheeky shot on the side darling!

Sunglasses or cap?

Monica: Sunglasses!
Bami: Both!
Cup sized swimwear

Bikini or swimsuit?

Monica: Bikini!
Bami: Teeny Weeny Bikini
Cup sized swimwear
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