We have all heard the whistles, the yelling and the utters as you walk on by.

Or perhaps you don’t just walk on by, you run, you hide, you make yourself as small as possible to get away from this unwanted attention.

Urban dictionary definition:

To whistle or yell something sexually suggestive to a stranger, usually in passing. Often this is used by sexually frustrated males as a way of getting attention from females. It is not a recommended method of flattering someone.

In episode two of ‘Have I got boobs for you’, the official Curvy Kate podcast, your hosts - Katie and Phoebe speak with Madison Anne who is slaying Tik Tok right now with an abundance of bra fit knowledge.

Cat calling isn’t a compliment. SO, what is cat calling?

In talking about bras, our experience of growing up with boobs came to the forefront of our conversations and a cause for concern at how young we had all been cat called purely based on the fact we had boobs from a young age. Our experiences were all negative and at a worryingly early and so as a listener if you can relate, we want to offer some advice to help deal with these kinds of situations.


Ignoring the cat caller may seem like a powerless move when in fact it is THE POWER MOVE.
Responding is only going to escalate the situation and often, the cat caller/harasser enjoys the attention and so we do not want to give it to them.
Never feel bad ignoring street harassment. The bottom line is that you don’t owe a stranger on the street anything, including a response. Always prioritise your well-being, comfort and safety above responding.

Never blame yourself

Being cat called is never your fault and so, don’t change. Keep being YOU!
It isn’t because your top is too tight, you walked a different way, or you smiled at them. Never blame yourself for this kind of harassment.
We love this Buzzfeed article which shares further experiences with cat calling and in their words “makes it easier to navigate this patriarchal world.”
Shoulders back, head high and walk with pride and purpose ladies.
Love, Katie x
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Cat calling isn’t a compliment. SO, what is cat calling?

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