Bridesmaids and Boobs

Bridesmaids and Boobs

It's well and truly Wedding season, and with the exciting prospect of upcoming nuptials, what is there to be stressed about?... Here at Curvy Kate we want finding the perfect bra for your busty bridesmaid or even for yourself to be super easy. Be that for your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress or even just your regular ol' wedding guest dress*. So we devised a round up of all the Curvy Kate bras that could be the answer to all your busty bride worries... so bring on the strapless dresses, the bardot straps and the plunging necklines cos we got you covered girl!

Here comes the Bride....

As you can see from this image, Hannah doesn't just look gorgeous in her wedding dress but she also looks super supported! Her boobs are lifted and rounded and look perky even without the straps. If you want to make like Hannah then try our Luxe Ivory Strapless set - perfect for any blushing bride!

Here's Phoebe our Chief Bridesmaid who is looking totally gorge in this teal empire dress with a plunging neck line - but fear not, just because it's plunging doesn't mean the girls have to be out of control, try our Smoothie Soul Latte bra which is perfect for under light-weight and light coloured materials.

Now we've all seen these dresses - the 'can be worn a million and one ways' dresses, well these aren't the most bust-friendly dresses, especially when you think of all the backless and revealing ways it can be worn, but it's not a completely lost cause...

As you can see here we've styled the dress in way that still looks super pretty but allows any busty bridesmaids to wear a supportive under garment. The bra worn with this style is our Smoothie Wild Blush set which allows the wearer to clip the straps into a racer back making it uber versatile. This feature is also available on our other Smoothie ranges too. The high-waist Smoothie shaper briefs are also perfect for smoothing out underneath light coloured, clingy fabric dresses like this one.

This dress features one of this season's biggest trends - the Bardot Neckline but don't let bra straps ruin your look, opt for our Luxe Biscotti Strapless set in the prefect colourway to wear under various colours.

Plunging, wrap necklines are typical of bridesmaid dresses but we need a bra that can stand up to the booby design and our Smoothie Spirit is just the one. Light-weight and completely smooth this bra gives the girls the lift without the bulk.

One strap dresses are another key trend for bridesmaids but it doesn't need to be a tricky style to wear, team this without our Black Luxe Strapless but keep on of the straps on that can be worn a number of different ways. This bra seriously makes bridesmaid dress shopping an absolute breeze...

Here's a bandeau dress that asks for a completely strapless bra...oh and here's the Luxe Strapless again as it's bandeau dream.

These two styles are completely different, one is fitted with one full shoulder strap and one is a light-weight chiffon with cold-shoulder details however both of these designs work with our versatile Luxe Biscotti Strapless which is available in sizes 28-38 D-J.

Lastly we have another plunging style, we've teamed it with the Smoothie Soul moulded bra. This Latte colour way is perfect with Hannah's dusky pink dress however if you have a darker colour dress you could opt for the Black Smoothie Soul that will be available from June 2017.

So there you have it, a round up of all the styles Curvy Kate make that would work with a range of bridal, bridesmaids or wedding guest dresses*. So if you know a busty bride or bridesmaid then make sure you let them know that they can wear whatever they want on the big day as Curvy Kate will come to the rescue!

We'd love to see if any of our customers have worn Curvy Kate to a wedding recently, if you have then be sure to send us pictures or tag us in your images on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Big Love x

*All dresses from ASOS.

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