Ever heard the phrase 'Breast Root'? If you've got a keen interest in all things boobs and bra fitting then chances are you will have, but even if you haven't heard this term, this post could be useful at helping you understand your own boobs and what bras/styles would be best for them.

Breast Roots - The Low-down

Ok so lets get started. Everyone who has boobs has breast roots. It sounds a bit weird like you're describing some sort of wacky boob trees but really it's just a simple way of describing where your boob attaches to your torso.

All you have to do is imagine lifting your breasts up flat against your chest and looking at where your breast tissue begins to protrude from your body. This is your breast root. It's the curved line that runs around your under-bust (where your boob sticks out) and it's typically where your underwire should sit.


The height of your boobs can affect a few things such as the size of your back band. Different parts of your waist/rib-cage will measure differently so if you have high breast roots then your back band may be larger as the upper part of your back is wider than the lower.

It can also affect what style of bra you go for, people with low breast roots may have to opt for fully-adjustable straps as the distance from shoulder to cup will be increased. The same applies for very high breast roots, straps may need to be shortened to make sure they don't fall down as the distance between shoulder and cup is decreased.

 The width describes how wide your breast roots are, i.e. how far into the middle and under your armpit your boobs go. Remember-If you have wide breast roots it is really important that you find a correctly fitting bra (so the wires aren't too small and dig into your boobs) and that when putting on your bra you 'scoop and swoop' to make sure all the tissue is encased within the cup and wires.

There are many variations in breast roots and everyone is different, just like there are lots of different boobs types. This last diagram just goes to show the different in breast root widths and heights across 10 women. Our technical designer Charlotte Spence studied breast roots at university and has kindly let us use her research to demonstrate this.



Such a massive difference! So, this post isn't about us telling you specific categories that you and your boobs will fit in to but it is about gaining an understanding into what combination of breast characteristics you have and by doing so you are able to make a more educated decision on the type of bra that would be right for you.

So what kind of boobs do you have? Do you find that certain bras work better than others? We'd love to hear from you so drop us a tweet or a comment below using the hashtag #boobtypes.

Thanks and Big Love xxx

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