10% of women are wearing the right bra size, join them! 

Here are the top 3 indicators that your bra is the wrong size...
Back band: 80-90% of your bra support comes from your back band  - it needs to sit firm and straight.
The below image is of a very badly fitting back band, the bra back rides up, it is worn on the tightest hook (Which for a new bra is not ideal) and the straps are being over used! As the band isn't sitting at a right angle, we are seeing the dreaded 'dig'.
Straps: Relying on your shoulder straps to lift your breasts can also cause a lot of tension, strain and aching on your shoulders, neck and head! 
The correct size band should sit at a right angle, straight across your back. Your straps should be used for added oomph but not to support your boobs wholly and your new bra should be worn on the loosest hook. 
Cups: You want your breast tissue to be encapsulated by the cups and yes ladies,  that even means in a plunge bra!
 The image above shows a pair of unhappy boobs squished into cups which are just too small. We can see overspill at the top cup and not a lot of side coverage, just busting out of this 38DD!
Now, see how all of the breast tissue is encapsulated in the cups from every angle? The wires reach right around the breast issue and the boobs are forward projected and lifted by the band, not the straps.
Not all cleavage is good cleavage! In the image above, breast tissue is so squashed in the cup that it is coming out of the top! 
Let's take a look at the front too, we can see that the breast tissue is encapsulated in the cups, the centre gore (wires in the middle) sit flush against the breast bone and we have zero spillage or straps digging in on the shoulders!
It is also really important to note that even when you have your perfect size, putting on your bra properly makes all the difference to how your bra fits and sits on your body. Check this video for a tutorial on the jiggle, scoop and swoop:
You can book a virtual bra fitting or submit a bra fitting form with our Bra Whisperer here.

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