Curvy Kate Boob Twins Talk All Things Swimwear!

Our Swimwear Confidence campaign babes share their thoughts on cup-sized swimwear and tell us their must haves from our latest swimwear collections! Boob twins Megan and Sophie share the same bra size: 38E. The pair loved meeting one another and totally rocked all of the swimwear on the shoot day. They share their advice for feeling your most confident in swimwear as well as their favourite moments on set!

Pool Party Swimwear

We asked Sophie and Megan about their favourite Curvy Kate Swimwear collection.

Megan loves the First Class Swimsuit!
"It has to be Pool Party; it’s giving classy but then also giving wild when I want a little extra fun. Plus they make your bum and boobs look great."

Sophie adores the versatility of Wrapsody!

"It could so easily be worn as outerwear! Although I think the Pool Party reversible swimsuit is genius and a fab way to start wearing swimwear on a budget."

Wrapsody Swimsuit and Bikini

How does it feel to wear cup size swimwear?

Megan: One word. Comfort.”
Sophie: Great! I love the ability to buy the briefs separately. All the swimwear felt so supportive and I never felt like I needed to readjust anything, which made me feel confident that I could move about freely without fear of things popping out! The addition of being able to have the adjustable straps and change them to racer back for that extra personal tailoring is brilliant.

First Class Swimsuit

What was your favourite moment from the photoshoot?

Megan: “Honestly, there were so many amazing moments. I think my favourite part was listening to everyone behind the scenes hyping each other up when they were modelling.”

Sophie: “Feeling my own confidence grow in the shoot, I felt more and more like my personality was shining through the anxiety and free to dance without the thoughts of ‘what does my body look like whilst I do this.’ I was worried I would compare myself to the other women but instead felt so uplifted by seeing people at ease with who they are. I strive to feel that comfortable with my body no matter the occasion!"

First Class Swimwear

Any advice for ladies who feel nervous heading to the beach or pool in their swimwear this summer?

Megan: “Girl, you’ve got this! Think of how far you’ve come and all your body has done and is doing for you <3 You’re beautiful, and just know we all jiggle, and the jiggle is sexy as hell!"

Sophie: “Get used to wearing it somewhere you feel comfortable - put it on and dance about at home, relax in the garden. The more you get used to wearing it, seeing how fantastic you look and having confidence in the swimwear to look and feel great the easier it will be to venture outdoors.”

Twist and Shout Swimsuit

How did it feel to meet your boob twin?

Megan: “Amazing! She was absolutely stunning and it was so nice to see just how different the same boobies can look on different bodies❤️”

Sophie: “Amazing! It was so interesting to see how diverse the same sizes can be and how neither of us looked ‘better’ or ‘worse’ just different! I really enjoyed having my boob twin Megan to hype me up throughout the day too!”

Twist and Shout Swimsuit

If you could give your teenage self some body positive advice, what would it be?

Megan: “One day you’re going to look back at yourself and realise just how beautiful you are❤️don’t waste your time trying to be something other than the beautiful self that you are. You are magical!”

Sophie: “One day you’ll be on the road to recovery from your eating disorder and body dysmorphia and you’ll truly accept that there is no hierarchy to bodies and boobs. Every body is truly is a great body, every type of boob is great and your worth is not reflected by how you look - you are curvy AND worthy."

First Class Swimsuit and Tankini

Quick-fire round!

City break or beach?

Megan: Living on an Island, a city get away is always nice, but I always miss home when I’m away, the beach will always have my heart❤️

Sophie: City break although I do like a pebble beach, I love looking for interesting rocks and the perfect pebbles to skim across the water: it reminds me of my childhood!

Cocktail or Fanta Limon by the pool?

Megan: I think cocktails are gonna have to take the win on this one! Cocktails are a girls best friend😉

Sophie: Fanta Limon!

Wrapsody Bikini

Sunglasses or cap?

Megan: Sunglasses are THE accessory of summer! no questions asked.

Sophie: My prescription sunglasses.

Bikini or swimsuit?

Megan: I’m definitely a kini kind of girl. Giving my cute chubby tummy the exposure and love that it deserves is a must!

Sophie: A swimsuit but I’m challenging myself to wear the bikini more this summer.

First Class Swimsuit and Tankini

Final thoughts from Our Swimwear Confidence Queen, Sophie:

"Maybe your body has changed but your worth hasn’t. It’s your body, and it’s with you for life! Find a set that sparks joy, maybe that’s the ultraviolet set, maybe it’s starting with a tankini. Don’t let anyone dictate what you want to wear!"

Join our beautiful boob twins just in time for Summer and shop out our new Curvy Kate Swimwear collections now!

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