From female empowerment, inspiring young women,  to FOMO...we spent some time chatting to mega babe Amy about her career as a sports influencer and her debut in our latest campaign...

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Amy, showing us how she leaves everyone on read for a hot off, self care on

Men often have this perception that women (especially women) can’t be into fashion AND football. What do you think about this?

It’s 2021 and the age of Aquarian - women are taking back their power and rising together. We can be whatever we like. No limits.  

What’s the most empowering part of being a woman in the sports industry?

Knowing that I can hold my own, and I’ve worked hard to be there meaning I’ve earned the industries respect now. And knowing I’m inspiring young girls to follow their dreams in sports media! I still get emosh every message I read! Makes my heart so full!! 

Have you ever got a message off your favourite sports star but left them on read for a hot second?

Yes haha but it’s usually about work, so I can’t leave them on read for too long!  I wouldn’t leave Micah Richards on read though…he’s the dream package!

Amy Christophers: serving you the red card by day, body by night...

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Any advice for someone going through a break up?

Don’t try to bottle up your emotions, let them all out. Have a good cry, it’s easy to miss an idea of someone…but remind yourself of the reality - it didn’t work. Don’t try to find answers, you have to find your own closure sometimes.  Don’t text him, most men emotionally switch off after a break up, save face, text your mates & dress up in your fav undies & blast out some pussy cat dolls I don’t need a man. And don’t ever look back, he wasn’t your person…but he’s one more frog you can cross off & you’re one step closer to the one! One day he will realise what he had and it’ll be too late, so keep that in mind to give you comfort. Meanwhile go out there and live your best life! Make him realllllyyyy regret leaving your fine ass! 

 As someone in the public eye like yourself, you must feel pressured to constantly be active on social media. How do you switch off and put yourself first?

I’m still trying to do that, I feel pressure to have my phone permanently attached to me. I get FOMO, I don’t want to lose out on jobs or opportunities. And sometimes I don’t want to post, so I don’t. I really only post when I have something going on, in fact that’s a lie I’m always taking pictures and think oh I’ll post that later then never do and the moments gone. But I’m learning to take time for me, I've currently escaped back home to Cornwall for a flying visit. Nothing makes me happier than windy cliff walks and cold sea dips!! Well, apart from Chelsea winning Silverware haha! 

 What’s your favourite thing to do for self care?

 Depends if I’m in a lazy mood or a spiritual need to detox mood. The first I’ll kick back watch the footie, have a wine and takeaway and the latter I love to do a tarot reading, face mask, light my fav scented candles, bath with salts, go out and stare at the moon & get out in nature in the day time. I love a spa day too!  A good book is good to unwind as well. Also a bit of self love ;) 

Amy Christophers: serving you the red card by day, body by night...

Amy Christophers: serving you the red card by day, body by night...

Amy wearing Sheer Chic in Flame Red

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