How Wearing A Correctly Fitted Bra Can Make Your Boobs Look Smaller!

How Wearing A Correctly Fitted Bra Can Make Your Boobs Look Smaller!

We live the boob life here at Curvy Kate πŸ™Œ and we want nothing more than to make ya’ll titties happy πŸ‰πŸ‰ Wearing a correctly fitted bra will give your boobs great shape and should actually hold them in place making them appear smaller than if you were to wear a bra that was too small or not supportive. A good bra should push them in and up ☝️ giving amazing support without sacrificing comfort. The struggle can be real for fuller chests wearing the wrong bras!

Brooke has kindly lent us her boobs to put the theory to the test, below you'll see her in several different bras to compare how the different styles and sizes can severely affect the appearance of your chest. We've added a little pink (obvs) line to outline how much support the bra is giving to her chest and overall appearance.


It doesn't take a genius to work out this bra is doing Brooke no favours! A cotton bralette in a size 16 (Brookes usual clothing size) is giving next to no support to her bountiful chest, with some serious side boob...and not the cute kind


Secondly, a ribbed triangle bra gave Brooke a much more even look...HOWEVER there is still no support or coverage for her boobs and results in them sagging down, which is bad especially for the fuller chests gals!


This happens to be a bikini offering no support and even causing her boob to hang over the top and around the sides. When you're on holiday giving some serious beach babe sass the last thing you need is an unexpected nip slip...


Next is a lace brallette for fuller busts in a 34FF, it's giving a visibly better lift and coverage because it's in Brooke's "correct" size, however it's still not holding her chest in and up, causing her chest to look bigger than before...


She then tried on a underwired long line bralette, there is no doubt it's holding her boobs in and up, however it's a size too small. Not only is she getting overhang but they look far bigger and very uncomfortable...


We think this bra is serving Brooke well, it's pushing her boobs in and they do look smaller than the non wired and ill fitting bras, however because it's the wrong size she's getting overhang around the sides, which should never happen...


Brooke in Curvy Kate Victory

After fitting Brooke correctly we put her in our brand new Curvy Kate Victory Bra, it's our first four part bra designed to keep the girls in check. Instantly her top half appears visibly smaller than in the ill fitting bras, the bra sits to her chest giving a lovely shape that pushes the πŸ‰πŸ‰ in and up, this is Brookes correct size and it shows. No over, under or side boob in sight! WOOH!

To get the full affect see the Victory bra outline against the other bras! 😱

Getting fitted correctly is so important, head over to our Fitting Room today for more information and why not ask our in house "Bra Whisperer" for help! πŸ’•

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