We have been serving realness for boobs across the globe since day one.

From our Star in a Bra days to our more recent campaign In My Dreams, Curvy Kate has always been every girl’s accessory to conquering everyday life as a D+ woman.
Here are our top 12 moments that defined Curvy Kate as a body positive brand for the last 12 years!
  1. In September 2019, we wanted to represent Curvy Kate’s true customer in the different shapes and sizes that they come in, and reinforce that Curvy Kate has the perfect fit for any curvy lady! So, we photographed over 150 women who were 99 different sizes over 3 days and our campaign #IAmCurvyKate was born!
  1. In 2015, we launched our best-selling strapless bra Luxe, including sizes up to a J cup, which went viral! Here at Curvy Kate it is our utmost passion to ensure that our sizing is as inclusive as possible so that every customer can treat themselves to gorgeously fitting bras and lingerie.
12 moments Curvy Kate made body positive history đź’Ą
 3. Speaking of inclusive sizing, we also launched band sizes up to 46”, continuously working hard to meet the demands of our customers and enabling any woman to feel like a million bucks, and that her size will never define her, but will only remind her that she is unstoppable! And it all starts with what you wear underneath…we welcomed Wonderfull in SS20.
 12 moments Curvy Kate made body positive history 💥
  1. Curvy Kate is also known for our Bra fitting powers, helping women globally learn how to ensure their bra fits effortlessly! The “Scoop and Swoop” technique we posted to our socials went VIRAL standing at a whopping 11 millions views around the world, helping us to achieve our mission of making sure every woman never goes another day with wearing the wrong bra size! You need to ensure that you do the 'Scoop and Swoop' with every wear of your bra, for the perfect fit!
  1. Our SS18 campaign #MyBodyVictory celebrated women in all their forms, wearing our Award Winning Victory bra. We chose six advocates, including the likes of Hayley Hasselhoff to represent Curvy Kate and portray exactly what Curvy Kate is all about – Body Positivity and embracing your curves!
  1. Here at Curvy Kate, we never stop wanting to champion our customers into feeling empowered. our naughty little sister who joined us in 2015 never fails to entice... and that’s why we launched our Indulgence campaign for our sexy sister brand Scantilly – in true Marie Antoinette fashion, let them eat cake! In a world that pushes you to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, Indulgence encourages women to do the exact opposite. The four ladies represented the entire Indulgence size range from S-XL and they slayed whilst doing so!
  1. We’ve been championing fuller bust, curvy women for over a decade now, so we’re taking you back to 2011 during our Star in a Bra competition, where contestant Astrid Lopez expressed her favourite thing about the brand… “I think it’s important to have women representing the brand that actually represent the majority of the customers in the different shapes they come in”.
  1. Speaking of representing our brand, we’re passionate about pushing unique women in all shapes and forms, and one way we do so is by working with influencers such as Nicole of @tattolahoop who is the face of many women who suffer from conditions such as diabetes, always having her insulin pump visible in all photos in our lingerie…and looking fabulous at the same time!


 “It makes me feel so good to be a woman. Drawing curves on a woman made me feel more connected to myself and my body.” - Danielle
  1. Scantilly’s Virtual Life Drawing Class…to celebrate the launch of our new collection Sex Education, we challenged our influencers to take part in a live drawing class where they had the chance to show off their artsy skills in drawing our Scantilly model Danielle alongside artist Aliyah. Sex Education celebrated the intricate, unique details of the feminine body and we wanted to gift our influencers so they could spread as much body positivity as possible in their new sets designed with their beautiful bodies at the heart!
  1. Our debut sleep bra sold out overnight thanks to a 5 star review by Femail! The unique sleep bra features boob separators which reduce chaffing, boob rub and the lightweight, super soft grey marl material keep you call as you eat, sleep, manifest, repeat to a J cup!
 12 moments Curvy Kate made body positive history 💥
11. During lockdown we bra fitted over 1.5 THOUSAND WOMEN via our Bra Whisperer Virtual Bra Fittings which include video call bra fit consultations and our OG Bra Whisperer submission form. Bra fit transformations included a lady who went from a 38G to a 34K, 36A to a 30FF and many more. The motto of the story is to never think that because you aren't a D cup (yet), you cannot shop with us! You can always sit with us, just book a virtual fitting with Katie and her team of VBFs.


12. For many years, we have been a partner to Coppafeel, ensuring that all of our customers are aware of how to check their breasts, including polite reminders in each bra with little 'check your boobs' labels! 
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