Yum, that cuppa was to die for! Last but not least for today, lets catch up with the gorgeous blonde bombshell Laura Foster.

Hi Laura, why don't you introduce yourself?
Hey, my name's Laura! I am a nineteen-year-old Florida native. I currently study full-time at Seminole State College for a degree in Advertising. On top of my classes, I also work as a Marketing intern at a great organization called CFE Federal Credit Union. I am a Christian and thank God as often as I can for His many blessings. If I had to describe myself in just a few words, I would say that I'm kind, nurturing, open-minded, unselfish, and honest. I live by the golden rule "Treat others as you wish to be treated," which has served me well so far in life. I am an artist-- I love to create my pieces through all different kinds of mediums, especially Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, sketching, painting, and photography. Also, like most people, my family means everything to me. I am forever grateful to them for raising me so well. I also feel extremely fortunate to have an amazing boyfriend named Tony, who I hold very close to my heart. Let's not forget about my two cats Puddles and Koko-- I love them as if they're my children. Above all else, I believe that everyone should truly love themselves so that they can live their lives to the fullest.
Well we can certainly agree with that. Why did you decide to enter the competition?
I decided to enter the Star in a Bra competition for a couple of reasons. My first reason is that I am curvy and proud. However, it wasn't always that way. Growing up, I was never the "skinny" one. I was the bubbly, chubby, and quirky blonde that was too smart for her own good. I felt alienated by the majority of my peers because I could never seem to be thin enough. Finally, I blossomed in high school where I met a lot of people who appreciate all body shapes and sizes. This really helped to boost my confidence. After I learned to love myself, I began to wonder what caused my self-esteem to become so low in the first place. This brings me to the second reason I entered: the media. My self-esteem became so low because like most young girls, I had been bombarded with advertisements of thin, fit, and beautiful women. These advertisements, whether in magazines or on TV, were always trying to sell me products like diet pills, exercise equipment, make up, and other stuff that they "guaranteed" would make me as beautiful as those models. Although I really never bought their products, their advertisements still planted a twisted thought into my head: that I needed to look like those women to be beautiful. Now that I have learned what caused my confidence to crumble, I have set a goal for myself. I want to encourage ladies of all shapes and sizes to love and take care of themselves. Sure, with America's terrible obesity epidemic, some of us could stand to lose a few pounds. But if we are healthy and happy, there is nothing wrong with having curves. To fight America's outlandish ideals of beauty and encourage self-esteem in ladies of all sizes is why I entered this contest.
Now for the nasty one, why do you think people should vote for you?
I would like to say a few things before I answer this question. I truly wish that all ladies who entered this competition could win! It took an enormous amount of courage to send photos of our scantily-clad, curvy bodies to be judged by strangers. For women like us, being judged by others can be our worst fear and the main source of our low self-esteem. Every woman who entered is fabulous, and should love themselves no matter what shape or size they are. Now that I got that off my chest, I can begin! I find that I am too humble to try to convince people to vote for me. However, I am able to share what makes me special, and what makes me worthy of being a Curvy Kate model. I feel that I would be a good candidate for the Top 10 and beyond because I don't just want to model for Curvy Kate; I want to become a role model for curvy women everywhere and show them that it's okay to be shapely and that women don't have to be sizes 2 and under to be beautiful. I want to help to help women learn to love themselves, whether they're athletic, thin, average, have "a little more to love," or are fabulously plump. I want to empower all women to stand up to the media, just like Curvy Kate did, and say "I love myself for who I am, and women like me should be celebrated in your advertisements too!" I want to help bring in a new era of powerful, confident, and, most importantly, happy women.
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