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👀 What is my UK Bra size? 🗺️

We know that Curvy Kate customers are from around the globe, so we wanted to give you a guide to your UK bra size!

Here’s a quick fire global sizing session, so that you can spend more time adding to pretty lingerie to your basket than working out what size you need!

Let us start with the ‘back size’ first, also referred to as ‘band size’, always remember that this is wear 80% of your support from a bra should come from – so make sure that it feels firm. As an example, if you wear a European 70 back, your UK size will be a 32″.

Now for your cup size, remember ladies… we don’t want any spillage from the cup, wires digging in OR wires standing away from your breast bone. For example, a common size we hear is a US DDD and in UK sizes this is an E cup, here is a global translation of cup sizes:

The same sizing guides also apply to Curvy Kate swimwear so you can get a great fit from pool to beach, you can find further fit tips here.

We hope that this guide is giving you life and a better understanding the Curvy Kate bra size that you need to buy. If you feel that your current bra size isn’t making your boobs happy… contact our fabulous Bra Whisperer who will determine your size and offer your lots of fitting tips too.

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